It’s snowing and 1 degree in Denver today. I had trepidation about the oncoming winteryness, but now that it’s arrived I am decidedly content with it. The snow falling is gorgeous, I’m thankful for the shelter and warmth I have the privilege of having, and have all sorts of yummy cozy feelings going on inside.

My prayer for this season:

May I continue to cultivate both my satisfied aloneness and receptive lovingness. That when my heart feels so full it could burst (with ideas, joy, longing) and my extroverted self feels like I just HAVE to share it, I breathe in and take it in to myself even deeper. Knowing that the more I nourish and empower this One within the more that love and power will grow and be a blessing to the people around me.

May my house continue to be a representation of sacred home. It’s amazing how when you’re wiser about who and what you bring into your heart and hearth the more safe, deep, and limitless it becomes.

May my child experience the wonder of a totally different landscape, receiving it without the judgments and opinions of our adult minds. I have been out of touch with my playful, inner child quite a bit in my young adulthood. May I use the opportunity of parenthood to plunge into the depths of my silly, wonder-filled self and see the world anew. Yes, this means snow angels.

I wish you all the magic of this cold season–which you may name for yourself–but it can bring a focus inward, deep honesty, a sense of peace, and affirmation of the importance of home and family. Sometimes family isn’t what you thought it would be, and it is actually best friends, or the strangers you serve soup to, or an unexpected return of someone you thought was lost to you. Wherever you find your home and your family this holiday season, I invite you to step into it all with renewed gratitude. Things could certainly be easier and less stressful. But they could also be much worse. And there are always many blessings to count.

My son mesmorized by our fireplace

My son mesmorized by our fireplace


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