I am a business leader, coach and facilitator, passionate about living in the world in integrity. I share my victories and struggles candidly through my blog, and invite you to share your experiences. Through my coaching practice, I offer insights and lead processes for personal transformation that work for me, and have assisted many others in living creative and fulfilling lives.

I’m passionate about community, practical spirituality, international music, dancing, and sustainable living. Living in Denver, I have great access to all of that and continually find more to love about this city. I have a young son who I adore and is teaching me so much about the power that comes with being so deeply loved and trusted.

I love being a place where the spiritual and practical can meet. I’m dedicated to rebuilding true community through my personal relationships and through service to what’s highest in this world and in each of us. I don’t believe spirituality is about things being light and easy, or about denying the ego and physicality. I believe in staying “in” the process even when it hurts and having the strength to look at and transform our shadows and wounds. I’m also committed to the party–to welcoming and cooking for my friends and the importance of dance ritual.

Education and Credentials

My BA is from the Johnston Center for Integrative Studies at the University of Redlands in California. My self-designed emphasis was called Facilitating Individual and Organizational Transformation: psychology, sociology, and religion. I taught a class in coaching and leadership, which I called “Facilitating Organizational Transformation”. I also completed a MBA at Redlands. Since then I’ve evolved my career as a Director helping people build technical expertise, leadership development skills, and personal growth.

I am a Certified Professional in Learning and Performance (Association for Talent Development). I am certified to teach/coach on INSIGHTS Discovery personality system as well as Crucial Conversations. I have been facilitating groups and coaching individuals for fifteen years. In February of 2011 I became a certified ShadowWork coach after several years of training with Vicki Woodard and Cliff Barry, the creator of Shadow Work International. I have also taken EnneaMotion facilitator training with Andrea Isaacs, and love her work of integrating movement into emotional healing processes. In 2023 I completed an ICF (International Coaching Federation) training course and became a member of ICF.


3 Responses to About Me

  1. Melissa Enyeart says:

    I love you sister! Keep doing what youre doing. Proud of you.

  2. Elizabeth says:

    I am really interested in your article on being a woman and an 8. I especially resonated with a comment that someone made about feeling like a swing back and forth between the female “ideal” of a 2 that I’ve been socialized into and the 8 that I really am. I would really, really like to find a community of women to talk to about this. It is so hard!! I am the CEO of a start-up and trying to feel my way through this, but feel very alone in this and need to find a community of people. Would you email me and let me know of any resources you have? Thanks!!

    • HelenaAnn says:

      Hi Elizabeth, I’m glad you found my blog and hope you will follow it and share your thoughts too! I’m going to email you some resources that I know of.

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