My coaching style incorporates ICF (International Coaching Federation)  and Shadow Work® principles and tools, as well as body-centered approaches.

What does this mean for you?

I support you to define your vision, values and goals for your personal and/or professional life. Then I help you stay accountable for real progress towards those goals. We celebrate milestones and achievements. But when internal roadblocks come up, I’ll help you do the deeper inner work to see with new clarity and clear lifelong patterns that have been keeping you back from living the free, honest, loving, and potent life you crave. I’m a practical business woman, and bring an 18-year professional leadership history in corporations, startups, non-profits and Higher Ed to support a high performance mindset. I’m also passionate about emotional intelligence and practical spirituality. If you want to do powerful inner work, and also see real tangible results in your external environment, let’s chat!

Talk to me about coaching if:

  • You know that deep down you know your truth, but need someone to help you uncover and reflect back that truth with new clarity.
  • You’ve made commitments, and keep losing steam or direction in staying true to them. You’re eager and ready for accountability and to see progress towards your goals.
  • You long for healthy relationships that assist you in doing your life work.
  • You’re committed to owning your own Shadow and how it affects your thoughts and actions.
  • You want to accept and nurture all of your emotions, because being spiritual doesn’t mean being “happy-go-lucky” all the time.

Please contact me by emailing HelenaAnn(at)gmail to find out more about coaching opportunities. I start my coaching process with an initial half hour session by phone for us each to determine if it is a good fit for a coaching relationship.


2 Responses to Coaching Services

  1. mike says:

    i am a 2 dating an 8; how does an 8 get to love someone/ what makes them feel loved/ how can you get them to open up and show affection

    • HelenaAnn says:

      Hi Mike. Thanks for your question. I can’t speak for all 8s, as everyone is unique in their life experiences, hurts, desires. But given that there are some overall trends in certain types I’ll share my thoughts. The Leader 8 needs to feel safe, know that boundaries are respected, and believe that to be open and vulnerable will serve their interest/mission. I personally do not get sweet, loving, intimate with someone if I’m worried that they have the power/desire to hurt me or distract me from my life purpose. If I do feel that being with someone is safe and right I can be very trusting, generous, and loving.

      Some 8s might have such a fear of trusting and being vulnerable that they have trouble opening up even when the other person would be good for them. Past hurts could keep them back from what they really want. Then I recommend some kind of healing work like Shadow Work to help them move through what is so scary about trusting and loving.

      Also, you have to look at the different motivations of 2s and 8s. What might seem like the right amount of loving/intimacy to you might not feel right to your partner. She may never be as affectionate as you would like her to be, and it’s important that you accept who she is and how you are different while asking for what you need cleanly and clearly. Then you can see if and how you can meet each other’s needs.

      I hope this helps!

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