If you want to know yourself better, identify your goals and make changes in your life a transformation group is a great opportunity to experience that with other people. I first learned this format while living at Sunrise Ranch, where it was developed. I have facilitated groups with men and women and just for women, with structures and content varying based on what the people in the group want. But here is the basic format:

An Opening

We take turns reading a poem, playing a song, offering a meditation, etc. to set a space for our gathering

A Check-in

We take turns sharing our victories, challenges, and transformational edge. This is always optional. The check-in is a time to voice what we are most excited about in our life and how we are bringing spiritual and emotional understanding to our friendships, work and home life. We keep each other in mind between sessions and offer love and blessing for what each one is working with. This is not a time for discussion, and you will not get feedback or advice about what you are experiencing. This is a confidential space, and nothing shared will be shared outside of the group.

Presentation and Discussion

I will offer a topic for discussion and get it started by presenting some material to get us thinking and exploring together. Here are some possible topics:

  • Clean Talk: Learn and practice how to separate the “data” of what happens from your “feelings” about what happens, so that you can own your reactions and ask for what you want cleanly.
  • Using Your Emotions Creatively: Learn to listen to your emotions (especially the uncomfortable ones) and get the gift from each one.
  • The Four Quarter Model: Sovereign, Warrior, Magician, Lover: Find out how these four archetypes are at work in you everyday, and how to create a balance of all parts.
  • “Reaching”: What do you “reach” for when you’re stressed or upset? Do you find yourself over-eating, binge drinking, being overly dependent on someone else? We will look at our own patterns, seeking to lift shame from our addictive behaviors and find out what we really want when we reach for that thing
  • Positive Thought: Delving into the topic of “creating your experience”. “The Secret” was onto something about the power of intention, but is that really meant for manifesting red sports cars? We will discuss what we each think is true about Intention.
  • Relationships and Sexuality: A discussion on the role of sexuality in our society and in our lives.
  • Being a Responsible “Helper”: How to assist other people without losing yourself. Share best practices of taking care of yourself so that you have the energy to care for others. How to Empower and not Enable!

If you are interested in participating in a Transformation Group in the Denver area, please contact me for more information at HelenaAnn at gmail.com.


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  1. Brianna Yakovee says:

    Helena is a natural at running groups, coaching sessions, and services. She is very insightful and has what it takes to keep groups focused. It was a very rewarding to be in a transformational group that she ran and she created a safe environment that promoted growth for all of us.

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